Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Touch This!

Isn't it such a drag when you visit a museum and you're not allowed to touch anything?

This Thursday evening, for one night only, Erin Fussell and Emily Baker are converting their apartment into a gallery where all the work on display is touchable.

Participating artists include: Erin Fussell, Emily Baker, Sarah Cavalieri, Ursula Gullow, Courtney Chappell, Alli Good, Sarah Danforth, Steve Spurgeon, Katie Johnson, Leila Amiri, Daniel Abide, Anna Thompson, Megan McKissack, Virginia Aberle, Marin Mitchell, Butch, Luke and musical installation by Ross Gentry

The event is located at 116 E Chestnut St. Apt. 25 (corner of Chestnut and Merrimon)
Thursday August 12th 7-10pm

(Here's an explanation of the piece I'm including in the show.)

1 comment:

robin said...

well shit. I missed it. I really wanted to peel your paint.