Friday, February 27, 2009

Everyone is an Artist

The statement Joseph Beuys makes in this video pretty much sums it up for me.
Every human being is an artist.
I don't only call artists those people who are painters or who play the piano.
Or who are composers or writers.
To me, a nurse is also an artist
So is a doctor or a teacher
And so is a student, or any young person responsible for his own development.
The essential definition of a human being is that of "artist."
All other definitions of the word "art" lead back to the idea that there are artists and non-artists
Of people who can do something and others who can't.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The 48 Hour Dance Project

Backstage before the show

Last weekend I followed a team from the 48 Hour Dance Project with a video camera. I have been documenting Maria Voisin dancer and director of Salseros 828 Dance Company. The making of her 48 hour choreography project Si Se Puede is the subject of my next episode of Art Seen Asheville. Voisin randomly chose 6 dancers out of a hat (one of them fell sick so in the end there were only 5) and together they produced a Si Se Puede - a piece that combines various Latin dance forms.
The 48 Hour Dance Project was hosted by the BeBe Theatre and Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatreand this was the first time it has been attempted. Read more details about the other participating choreographers and their dances here

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Teun Hocks

Untitled (Moon) 2007 oil on toned gelatin silver print

Untitled (Man Sleeping in Boxes) 2008 oil on toned gelatin silver print

Dutch artist Teun Hocks’ photographs are cinematic in their process and mood. First he constructs scenes in his studio and takes a black and white photograph. He then hand colors the photographs with transparent oil paint, taking precise care in the coloring in order to create specific emotions and atmosphere. The accumulation of these elements makes the environments seem like surreal portals. His films and drawings additionally reveal and delve into these worlds and also give greater insight to his storytelling and creative process.
Read an interview with Tuen Hocks here to find out more about his "constructed imagery" method and the meaning of the narratives he creates.