Thursday, November 12, 2009

Art and Life by Adam Smith

Adam Smith's frenzied paintings of sad and funny faces with oversized features caught my eye last year when I saw them hanging at Downtown Books and News on Lexington Avenue. Doing some internet research I came across Smith's website and cheeky blog Art and Life.
How to prepare a painting for hanging (because the artist forgot to) is a particularly entertaining (and helpful) read.
I ran into Smith by chance a few weeks ago and he informed me that he's been working on a new series of paintings of houses. He also let me know that he would soon be leaving Asheville for California. I suspect that he has already left town, but it was fun to have his work around for the brief time he spent here. for more info and images.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Art for the mass-querades

There I was checking out the Riverview Station and I came across Paul Hersey, creator of Organic Armor. He made me wear one of his headpieces while we talked and I fell in love with it. Hersey creates one of a kind costume pieces from latex. They are very wonderful. Check out more at

You can visit Hersey this weekend if you are in Asheville for the River Arts District Studio Stroll