Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sarah Danforth at Eclipse Salon

Eclipse Salon, located at 16 Wall St. in downtown Asheville, regularly exhibits works by local artists and currently Sarah Danforth has her ceramic dioramas on display. The work is comical and sweet. Little clay characters poke out of ceramic boxes which are ornamented with tiny roses and other wistful details. I particularly enjoyed the piece "I Look Forward to the Future" (detail above) where spaceships covered in lichen and trees transport coarsely drawn passengers and funny sparkly clouds shaped out of clay float above.
Danforth's work seems to be informed by her history as a puppet maker as her pieces generally combine theatrical, anthropomorphic, and comedic elements.

Check out more of her work and creative process at

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Toys! at Satellite Gallery

Fifty nationally based artists have interpreted the blank wooden dolls designed by Cleveland artist Mike Burnett for a very entertaining show currently on display at The Satellite Gallery(55 Broadway).

A wide variety of people – from comic book lovers, to children and people who normally wouldn't consider themselves to be art aficionados – will likely find the show appealing, and the integrity of the work is top notch.

The imaginatively interpreted dolls are fun to observe, and the exhibit introduces the viewer to an assortment of quality artists such as Los Angeles painter
Lola, whose delicately decorated little doll solemnly listens to headphones and holds what appears to be a dead possum.

The traveling show also features work from a smattering of Asheville artists, including Melissa Terrezza, who has placed her crowned doll inside of a toilet bowl, for her piece entitled "Royal Flush." Dustin Spagnola has created a scene of black-clad anarchists, and Bence Vetro has put a knife through the head of his doll that lacks a body.

Due to bad weather, Satellite was unable to host an opening for the show, so owner Bill Thompson has decided to celebrate with a closing reception on Saturday, Jan 23. Until then, the gallery will be open for public viewing during normal business hours.
Call 828- 505-2225 for more info.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Emily Crabtree

Unraveled Space approx. 4ft x 4ft.

Asheville artist Emily Crabtree creates abstract two-dimensional work about memories and the passage of time.

Check out
this time lapse video of the making of Crabtree's cut paper installation, "Fibers of Recollection" made by her husband, Jason Treadway. It is quite lovely.

Here is a a link to an article I wrote for the Mountain XPress about her recent show at UNCA.

this great write-up by Connie Bostic.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Phil Blank at Blue Spiral 1

I'm looking forward to seeing the work of Chapel Hill artist Phil Blank at Blue Spiral 1 this month.
Blank is one of several artists exhibiting in the gallery's annual new artists showcase.
Opening reception is Thursday January 7th 5pm-8pm for more images. for more info about this exhibit.