Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sarah Danforth at Eclipse Salon

Eclipse Salon, located at 16 Wall St. in downtown Asheville, regularly exhibits works by local artists and currently Sarah Danforth has her ceramic dioramas on display. The work is comical and sweet. Little clay characters poke out of ceramic boxes which are ornamented with tiny roses and other wistful details. I particularly enjoyed the piece "I Look Forward to the Future" (detail above) where spaceships covered in lichen and trees transport coarsely drawn passengers and funny sparkly clouds shaped out of clay float above.
Danforth's work seems to be informed by her history as a puppet maker as her pieces generally combine theatrical, anthropomorphic, and comedic elements.

Check out more of her work and creative process at

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Sew Moe said...

I love Sarah's work! Everyone and their mother should make the trip to Eclipse salon, and please send my regards to her piece "Horse Girl", as she has become my new life inspiration!