Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lisa Nance at PUSH Gallery

Painting by Lisa Nance photo by Kc Connor

The drawings and paintings that comprise Lisa Nance's solo show, Hanging Caverns and Plants, are the deconstructed forms, contours and characters for which Nance is known. Using thrift-store finds and re-salvaged materials, Nance challenges traditional forms of the painting by working over popular art reproductions or constructing frames out of cardboard boxes.

The paintings themselves are captivating examples of Nance's expertise. A self portrait that Nance painted a year ago has recently been imposed upon with large shapes of green. An old piece of wood bares a ghostly image of Nance's grandmother while hints of the original painted ornamentation are still present on the wood.

The artist asked three of her friends (Matt Schnable, Jaye Bartell and Ingrid Carson) to title each piece in the show. A small painting of an abstracted pink mass (Nance says it's a rendering of her mouth retainer) has been given the titles "Retain and remember the R.S.D.," "The Leaning Meat" and "Red Core." By inviting her friends to participate in her show (she also used artwork by different people for her fliers) Nance expounds on the idea of collaborative art and redefines notions of the singular artist.

PUSH Skate Shop and Gallery, 25 Patton Ave. 225-5509.

Show hangs thru February

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Mountain Xpress Vol. 16 / Iss. 27 on 01/27/2010


Imperchorstra: Conner, Dan, and Rachel said...

I love Lisa! She's one of my favorite artists, plus she has excellent taste in music. Do you by any chance have her contact info? It doesn't seem like her works anymore and I was hoping you might have some forwarding info.

It's so fun to read up on my hometown arts scene. Nice blog!

Ursula said...

Thanks for writing!

I believe you can find Gus Grissom on Facebook.