Monday, August 2, 2010

Lisa Nance mural at Downtown Books and News

While strolling through Downtown Books and News this weekend, I was delighted to discover a wonderful new edition to the store.

Recently DBN manager, Julian Vorus, had the walls of the store painted a crisp shade of white, but he noticed that handprints kept appearing on the door to his office. To fix this problem, Vorus commissioned local artist Lisa Nance to paint this mural.

The books on the shelf contain the names of people who have worked at DBN or have been associated with the store in some way. I love the little Star Wars creatures.

This is Retail, the cat who made DBN her home for over a decade. Retail passed away more than 3 years ago. She was crotchety and adorable. She had a little lightening bolt on her head. We all were sad when she died and I think this is the perfect homage to her.

You can find the mural in the magazine section of the store which is located at 67 N. Lexington Ave.

View more of Lisa Nance's work at

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