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"In case you were wondering, each piece takes about a month to puzzle out, assemble the found materials (continuously collected over the last 20 years or more), try out a zillion options, and carefully put it all together," says Mark Hosler who currently exhibits work at The Sean Pace Gallery in downtown Asheville.

Hosler claims his visual art isn't about anything particular. "I am almost embarrassed to say, [they] are mostly about the surfaces. I simply hope that you get up real close, touch the work if you want to, find yourself muttering "But....what the hell is that?."

There's something more going on to all this -- more than just surfaces. I mean, this is Mark Hosler we're talking about. He has worked tirelessly on alternative copyright practices with Creative Commons and has also lobbied the United States Congress for Digital Freedom. His band was sued by U2 back in 1991 for the song, U2, a melodic sound collage involving Casey Kasem and that song "Still haven't found what I'm looking For."

This exhibit is a glimpse into the inner workings of a creatively manic, droll, and very judicious person. A narrative element is present in much of the work -- like the lightbulb nestled in silver trimmings, or a burnt tie which breezes over the words, "scattered and smothered." A broken ceramic hand bears the title Kind of Grumpy. In another piece, a sea of google eyes are meticulously glued onto a board while a cell phone appears to be emerging from beneath like an ancient relic surfacing in a cauldron of tadpole eggs and pig ears.

Nostalgic items cleverly placed within contemporary formats make this a very entertaining and endearing exhibit.

Favorite Things will be on display until September 26th.
The Sean Pace Gallery is located at 5 Walnut St. in downtown Asheville between Lexington and Broadway.

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Haidée said...

beautiful artwork. I am artist as well (I am 17, and I have sold my first ever piece of art which is really exciting)
well done on your art as it looks amazing xx