Monday, August 9, 2010

New Art Exhibit by Mark Hosler (Negativland)

Mark Hosler, a founding member of the arts and music collective Negativland, opens his exhibition entitled Favorite Things in Asheville this weekend at The Sean Pace Gallery on Walnut Street.

Favorite Things is a selection of Hosler's current and older work taken from Negativland's much larger traveling art/installation group show called Negativlandland that has been exhibited in New York, Minneapolis, Seattle, London and Miami. Some of the works are illustrations of musical tracks on a Negativland CD called "Thigmotactic."

Here's what Hosler has to say about his visual art:

I simply hope that you get up real close, touch the work if you want to, find yourself muttering "But....what the hell is that?," and ultimately find a kind of odd and flowing beauty in how carefully and unlikely the various found materials are put together.
I am also aiming for a sense that you can't quite tell when the work was made or how old it is. And in case you were wondering, each piece takes about a month to puzzle out, assemble the found materials (continuously collected over the last 20 years or more), try out a zillion options, and carefully put it all together.

Opening Reception is Saturday August 14th 6-10pm

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