Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why did I start a blog anyway??

If you have a lot of stuff that you want to avoid doing, I totally suggest that you start a blog. In this moment there are about 5 other things I could (should) be doing. But I don't want to. So here I am blogging.

This is the most recent episode of Art Seen Asheville which was produced June 2008 for URTV - the Public Access TV Station of Asheville which you can find on Charter Cable Channel 20 if you live in Buncombe County. Community media is great, and URTV is a tremendous resource to Asheville. Basically for $50/year you can use studio facilities, camera gear and editing gear that would normally cost thousands of dollars, AND produce a television show that will be aired to thousands of Buncombe County folk. For more information go to www.urtv.org

Here's the TRAILER to the show I posted up there.

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