Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Books by Katya Marritz

ASA: When did you start folding books, and how did you learn?
KM: There was this guy in Seattle who did these crazy geometric-folded books. I could never afford them or understand how he did them. I moved to Brooklyn, and I was tooling around on my bike and people leave things on their stoops to give away...there were a few old hardbound books and so I picked them up- thought I would experiment.

ASA: Where do you get the books from?

KM: I get my books from stoop sales and used bookstores - there's this one on Crosby Street called Housingworks- all the money goes to aids research and support.

ASA: Does the folding pattern have any relevance to the topic of the book?

KM: Sometimes! The pattern has to end a certain way- sometimes I try to control it. I just like rhythm and topography. I'm learning how to surf. I need a board.

You can purchase Katya's books at She also sells at and Prices range from $100-$200

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