Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tee hee hee

This guy just totally rules.

A couple of years ago I was actively producing videos on
URTV, the community television station for Asheville, NC. I had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people along the way. One of them was the Rev. Johnny Lemuria, producer of Pleasure Saucer, a racey late night tv show.
Two years ago, Johnny interviewed me for his show and I'm taking the liberty to post it now, though I hope I don't regret doing so.
Check out the interview
here. (Watching the un-synched audio in the second half of the interview is a trip, if you can make it that far.)

Johnny is still producing Pleasure Saucer as well as a
Vortex Cabaret which happens every Thursday night at 11 Grove Street. He is a tremendously fascinating and beautiful soul, who brings love to late-night URTV viewers every week.


d francis said...

I really enjoyed the interview.
You are completely pretense free, let
me assure you.
Was it really two in the morning or is
that when his program is aired?
I find it interesting that most artists I've seen on your show have no
accent.(even the tattoo guy) Are they all transplants?
I will be in Asheville in a couple
weeks for a wedding but I'm getting
in late Friday and leaving early Sunday morning. I had hoped I could
stop by your studio and see what you've been painting but I don't think I'll have enough time.
Maybe next visit.


Ursula said...

Hi Daniel!
It was actually more like 3 in the afternoon when we recorded the interview, but the show airs at 2am which is why I made that joke.
A lot of people who were born and raised in the South don't have accents. The tattoo artist, for example, and many of my dear friends...(I don't have an upstate NY accent in spite of having grown up there.)
I hope you have a great trip to this part of the world. If you find time to make a visit, let me know!
best to you.