Wednesday, March 3, 2010


There are a whole bunch of these Hitler parody videos on the Internet. This one is especially appropriate for this blog, and it made me laugh out loud. Here's the link
(Thanks to a reader for sharing it with me.)

This brings be to a whole other train of thought:
The comedian as performance artist.
People don't think of comedy as an art form, but lately I have been. There is so much creativity and theatrics involved in making people laugh. Good comedy is provocative and unsettling while being entertaining. Comedians are often the first to openly point out that "the king has no clothes on." According to different mythologies the trickster is considered a cultural hero.

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Scott Hubener said...

Zach always looks like someone else to me without the beard. Like a clean-cut version of Seth or something. Beards are cool is what I'm getting at.