Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Loren Schwerd: Mourning Portrait

1812 Tupelo St.

Do not miss the opportunity to see Lauren Schwerd's Mourning Portrait currently on display at The Center for Craft, Creativity, and Design in Hendersonville, NC. The intricate details and grace of each sculpture is magnificent, while the use of wig hair is as elegant as it is disturbing. The exhibit will remain until March 26th.

1317 Charbonnet St.

Mourning Portrait began as a series of memorials to the communities of New Orleans that were devastated by the flooding which followed Hurricane Katrina. Working from photographs Schwerd took of vacant houses from the Ninth Ward neighborhood, she creates metal armatures that act as the frameworks for weaving the hair into portraits of these homes. These commemorative objects are made from human hair extensions of the type commonly used by African-American women that the artist found outside the St. Claude Beauty Supply. The portraits draw on eighteenth- and nineteenth-century tradition of hairwork, in which family members or artisans would fashion the hair of the deceased into intricate jewelry and other objects as symbols of death and rebirth. This series venerates the city's losses, both individual and collective. Hair acts as the central metaphor to evoke a sense of intimacy and absence, and speaks to the racial politics that have paralyzed the city's recovery effort.

Visit www.Lorenschwerd.com to see more work.

The Center for Craft, Creativity and Design is free to the public.
1181 Broyles Road, between Hwy 64 and South Rugby in Hendersonville, NC.
Gallery hours are 10am-5pm Monday through Friday

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