Monday, January 10, 2011

R.I.P. Vadim Bora

Canadian Girl

Sleeping Shore

Russian-born artist Vadim Bora passed away January 5th, 2011. Bora was a well-known Asheville sculptor, painter, teacher and advocate for the local arts community.

"Bora came to the United States from Russia for freedom, both personal and artistic. That's why he explored such a range of work, from fantastical paintings to sculpture based on historical photographs.

He was an artist with many identities: a sculptor, painter, drawer, jewelry maker and poet. But as a person, a singular character emerges: a generous friend, with boundless energy and an enthusiasm for art — and the grand world that inspired him."

Read more: Asheville artist Vadim Bora, dead at 56, left his mark on adopted city written by Carol Motsinger for The Asheville Citizen Times 1/7/11

Alli Marshall from the MountainXpress writes:

"Bora himself seemed to glow, greeting visitors to his studio, generously pouring wine, encouraging us all to enjoy. At the final downtown art walk of 2010 (Friday, Dec. 3), I arrived at Bora's gallery to find it sparsely populated. Hearing voices from across the hall, I peeked into Bora's studio (which occupied the other half of the upstairs space at 30 1/2 Battery Park) and found that that's where the party was happening. Local artists and art enthusiasts crowded the space, talking, drinking wine and looking at Bora's works in progress. The artist himself was holding court, offering wine and trying to adjust the heat. There was nothing particularly special about the evening, and yet it felt like a grand celebration — a testament to the artist's all-too-short, but vividly-colorful life."

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I really like your work with color in "sleeping shore". Great title, very inspiring. art