Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Patience: an installation

Patience, a new installation by Bridget Conn is now on display in the Pack Place Gallery in the Pack Square Building. The exhibit is open during business hours. Get there between 3:30 - 4:30 and find Conn seated in a cave of vellum scrolls, at work writing the word "patience" over and over.

"I enjoy repetition as a means of art-making, in the ways it relates to prayer, and in the ways it references methods of learning that I embraced as a child," she writes on her website, www.countingbirds.net.

Also exhibited are Conn's two-dimensional works that incorporate systematically arranged organic materials and textures -- grains of rice laid out painstakingly into rows, for example. It is clear that every creative choice has been made with intention and care. The effect is soothing- something like memories that happen in slow motion.

A closing reception for the installation is planned for Saturday November 13th, 2-4pm.

Spices, rice, tea, seeds and honey, are just some of the ingredients that go into Conn's mixed media works. "Food growing on trees is my inspiration. Reconnecting with such basics makes sense. It transforms my artwork into my own personal alchemy of creating order, understanding, and magic in the mundane."

"Ritual is a means of elevating the importance of simple gestures and observations. Every decision in ritual is imbued with an intent."

"I may not know the stories of my ancestors, but I know historically what the women of my family did in their daily lives. I question why the nature of their work became associated with inferiority."

See more of Bridget Conn's work at www.countingbirds.net


Ryan said...

Thanks for sharing this, nice photo's.

I could use a few lines of patience myself.


cindy said...

food for thought surely...but i am not rushing out to see it, will check out her website, thanks for covering it.