Friday, October 29, 2010

Haunted: Photography by Sebastian Collett

These images are ambassadors from my ever-growing ocean of images;

they form the tip of an iceberg of perceptions, thoughts and feelings about the world.

Emissaries from the unseen, they are cresting now for just a moment before their inevitable disappearance. ~ S. Collett.

It's been a few years since photographer Sebastian Collett has exhibited his photographs in Asheville. For the month of November his photos will once again be on display at The Chase Gallery located in the NC Stage Company lobby, 15 Stage Lane in downtown Asheville.

His show,
Haunted is an installation of images he has taken across the country and in Europe.

Says Collett: "I am haunted by these photographs, as I am by the times they represent.They simultaneously reveal and conceal me. Some depict places literally haunted – by what's happened or by the anticipation of what's to come."

Opening Reception is Saturday October 30
6 - 7 pm

The show hangs thru November 30th.

To see more of Collett's work visit

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Matt said...

I'm a big fan of Sebastian Collett I like all his photographs it's perfect and beautiful. I hope to learn from him someday.

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