Sunday, June 28, 2009

Contemporary Artstyle Nomads: Transit Antenna

Parked by the tracks behind the Phil Mechanic Building in Asheville

This device recharges batteries

Artstyle: A lifestyle created artfully

Artstyle is a term I hereby coin to describe the way we creatively navigate our lives.

Yesterday I had the opportunity of meeting a group of artists originally from South Carolina who go by the name Transit Antenna. Their amazing converted bus/living quarters was parked behind the Phil Mechanic Building for a few days last week, and I was allowed a peek inside. The first thing that struck me were the herbs that were growing out of the dashboard! Then group member Bob Snead proceeded to show me the kitchen, bathroom, air conditioner - it was all very eco-friendly and provided a comfy living space for the group which is comprised of two couples, one child and a dog named Kentridge. (after William Kentridge)

Transit Antenna has committed to living for two years on the road and pursuing a nomadic life, traveling from town to town, settling in to
work random jobs as necessary. There seems to be a greater and surge towards this sort of lifestyle given the limitations of the economy these days. Approaching the project with a sense of creativity, innovation, and flexibility is ultimately what will sustain it.

We consist of writers, filmmakers, painters, chefs, and musicians, though these roles do not define our collective goal. Collaborating leads us to work beyond our individual interests and to inhabit roles not readily available to us as graduate students or careerists in our fields. In refusing to plan too far ahead, we allow the Transit Antenna project to define itself as the unfolding road carries us to new places, people, and experiences. These experiences are the pearls handed to us along the way.
We no longer have permanent addresses, nor do we have jobs for which we punch the clock. We’re doing it for the challenge of living on the road, of living frugally, and of finding ways to support ourselves.

For lots more info, writings, videos, and pictures about Transit Antenna and their two year nomadic art project visit


Anonymous said...

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Kate Flouee
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Ursula said...

You can see more photos and writings at Transit Antenna's website: