Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Aluminum Foil

Lace Plaster

There's a very unique art exhibit at FLOOD Gallery in the Phil Mechanic building right now.
Three artists are displaying their interior decorative painting styles. When I heard about this I thought it sounded like something I'd see at a home furnishing show - not very arty or expressive. But actually there's something about the simple block samples hung sparsely on the walls that lends itself to a greater concept - though I'm not sure the artists intended for this effect.
It's a dissection of sorts, an objectification of the modern home, modern trends, and how quickly they date themselves. As individual pieces, some of the samples are actually pretty cool. A 24" x 24" faux granite painting on board hangs beside a faux marble sample. There's crushed aluminum, gold leafing, and an entire room painted in shades of blue. I think its supposed to advertise the creators' expertise in interior painting, but I like the fragmented sensation it all lends.

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