Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rolling Credits

Now that I've been making video projects I've come into a whole new appreciation for the end credits. It feels so good to sit there in the afterglow of the movie watching all the names meditatively scroll by. It's a great testiment to all the folks behind the scenes that manifest the magic of the movie. Why do people get up and leave? I sometimes do that I will admit, but I always want to just sit there and let the movie complete itself. Sometimes I get self conscious that people will think I'm weird for hanging out til the bitter end. I want to see the lion roar, and read the copyright year and wait til the lights go back on. Wipe away tears and blow my nose. And always after a great movie I'm at a loss for words. Its too much to begin talking about it right then and there. I need at least an hour and a double whiskey before I can really process.
I love watching movies in movie theaters. I like to get there about 15 minutes early and wait in anticipation and finish all the popcorn before the trailers start. I love trailers. Even the bad ones.

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