Friday, November 7, 2008

Paul Olszewski

Paul outfits Aubrey Adams. Photo by Stephen Miller

As Paul Olszewski tells it, ten years ago all the elements of the universe came together in such a way that suddenly one day he found himself designing and sewing leather pants for legendary fashion designer Anna Sui. From a warehouse in NYC's Meatpacking District Olszewski and a friend created leather bags, guitar cases, hats, pants and jewelry for top name designers and celebrities including Julia Roberts, David Bowie and Metallica.

Today Paul Olszewski lives in Asheville with his wife and two kids and continues to construct leather belts and straps. Frequently he collaborates with dressmaker R. Brooke Priddy for fashion happenings including the The Post Apocalyptic Fashion Show, and The Red Carpet Vortex.
A graduate of the School of Visual Art, Olszewski also paints and creates video installations. See more of his work at

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