Monday, November 3, 2008

Julie Armbruster

The characters are disturbed, yet are set in a familiar illustrative context. The combination of layered materials and concentrated attention inextricably link the process of automatic drawing and repetition to the preoccupation with finding meaning and satisfaction in life. ~ Julie Armbruster

Believing that she should be able to afford her own work, Armbruster often creates pieces that are small in scale. She has been a contributing artist to the Artomat Project where her cigarette box-size works are sold in vending machines nationally.

Julie Armbruster appears in the upcoming Art Seen Asheville program, "Sewing the Muse" as friend and collaborative partner of Brooke Priddy. Julie and Brooke have been members of a drawing club called Segment 16 and will be exhibiting their drawings in January 2009.
Visit to see more of her work.