Monday, October 24, 2011

AVL artist exhibits elsewhere

Detail of First Cavalry, Machine embroidered fabric and hand stitching

Nava Lubelski

October 28-December 11
Opening Friday Oct. 28 6-9
139 Eldridge St.
New York, NY

From the press release:

"In the exhibit Lubelski uses vastly different surfaces to hold her organic sewing, from a chair, to an eviscerated electric blanket, to a factory reject of misaligned army badges. The objects have been discarded as useless, yet still have a sense of presence and of history, of quietly embodied dramas. Their mass produced designs may contain little aesthetic intention or craftsmanship, but Lubelski's detailed hand stitching is worked throughout their patterns creating a new identity; a chair becomes a sculpture, and a blanket a drawing. The work draws attention to the beauty of the structure and repetition and points out imperfections, which in turn alert the viewer to the unique qualities of the object."

Upholstered armchair, cut mylar

Deskilled Drawings
Heather Lewis

Oct. 7- Dec. 11
Visual Arts Center of New Jersey
68 Elm St.
Summit, NJ

"Heather Lewis is interested in exploring the idea of deskilling as it applies to fine art production. Building on a conceptual legacy established by artists like Marcel Duchamp and Andy Warhol, Lewis appropriates readymade objects from everyday life and utilizes mechanized design processes such as stenciling to produce artwork. Her exhibition Deskilled Drawing presents light installations and non-traditional artworks that challenge us to expand our consideration of drawings—how they are made, and even how we define them."
-Mary Birmingham, Curator, Visual Arts Center of New Jersey

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