Friday, September 2, 2011

Galen Frost Bernard Art Reception

The Lexington Avenue Arts festival is this weekend! Be sure to step into Bobo Gallery and Wine bar to see the newest paintings by Galen Frost Bernard.
Standing on Fish is the title of his show, and to celebrate, Bernard will host an artist reception from noon until 10 pm on Sunday September 4th.

Read more about Bernard and his work: Flooding and rebuilding


Brennen McElhaney said...

Galen Frost Bernard's work is remarkable. I typically gravitate toward more realistic imagery in art, but his work is intriguing, compelling and masterful. Thank you for posting.

By the way, I love Lexington Ave and its vibe. Lots of good people there!

Edgeworth Johnstone said...

Amazing work. Love the red, and intense landscape.