Sunday, March 13, 2011

{Pre}Happening on Walnut Street

On the evening of March 12th, one block of Walnut Street in downtown Asheville was closed to traffic in order to accommodate {Pre}Happening a multi media event sponsored by the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center and Asheville's Media Arts Project.

Here Mark Koven and Gene Felice project video onto the BB&T building. The bus they are sitting on is called Easel Rider Mobile Arts Lab. Says Koven, "It is a project that was the vision of Diane Ruggerio, city superintendent. I have been helping her and her team put it together and we were really excited about its debut. It will be showcased again on April 9th during the Re Happening and again during the Hatch festival."

Video projections by Scott Furr

Performance by Claire Elizabeth Barratt

LED throwies bulletin created by participating audience members. (Wing structure built by Mark Koven.)

Sound by Elisa Faires and Chandra Shukla

The event was part of a series to promote April 9th's {RE}Happening which is set to take place at the historic grounds of the main campus of Black Mountain College. As stated on the website: "{Re}Happening balances the history, tradition and experience of BMCM+AC with the forward thinking and media-based collective of artists that define the MAP."