Friday, February 18, 2011

Local businesses & the art scene

Encaustics by Georgia Smith are currently on display at the Early Girl Eatery on Wall Street

Paintings by Dustin Spagnola hang at Arcade Asheville

I've said it before and I'll say it again: some of the more interesting art in Asheville can be found in the restaurants, bookstores, record shops, clothing boutiques and hair salons of this town. It makes sense since business owners don't need to rely on art sales to keep their business afloat.
It's true such places can't get too overly extreme with the work they show since they often need to maintain a level of family-friendliness or appetite stimulation. Nevertheless, the contribution these venues make to Asheville's art scene is vital.
Maybe an "alt art venue" map could be drawn up to distribute to tourists this summer!
Here's a list of local businesses, in no particular order, that consistently display interesting art.

Harvest Records
Downtown Books and News
PUSH Skate Shop
Clingman Cafe

It's hard to remember everyone! Let me know who I'm leaving out.


Jacob Eaton said...

Thank you, Ursula.
This is brilliant; so great to see it spelled out - an underrecognized element of the scene.

dustinspagnola said...

you can always see at art in my studio.
474 haywood road.
west asheville nc 28806.

or at my blog.