Saturday, September 18, 2010

DRAW: Sean Pace at Satellite Gallery

Sean "Jinx" Pace's point of view as an artist couldn't be clearer in his latest solo exhibition, DRAW, on view until September 26 at Satellite Gallery. Through his work Pace exhibits humor, social commentary, and creative zeal.

Combining mechanics and found objects Pace "repurposes" items into new things with very specific functions. Figurative elements, like arms or legs, are often added to the sculptures and there is an unrefined quality to the work that I find appealing. I like that they aren't glossy, perfected specimens -- sometimes they can be faulty in their operation, reflecting the imperfect quality of being human.

Below are some images from the show but they hardly represent the lively imagination that Pace displays. I recommend seeing and experiencing the kinetic aspects of this exhibit in person.

Write Makes Right

D-Raw Power

Develop This Mother Fucker

Scribbler ( I love that bucket of interchangeable colored pencils)

Spitball Painting Machine (Complete with a dispenser for napkins and straws.)

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