Thursday, July 8, 2010

Anna Jensen at PUSH Gallery

Red Mask

One Master in the House is Enough

When local painter Anna Jensen overheard a man in a restaurant tell his server, “There are no tomatoes in the corn salsa,” she thought about the game “Telephone,” and how pronunciations and meanings of words are altered over time. Thus the name for her current exhibit at PUSH Gallery was born: There Are No Potatoes in the Porn Salsa.

Paintings fill the walls of PUSH Gallery, and there’s a lot on display for the viewer to absorb. A variety of artistic styles, such as abstract, figurative, Pop and folk are woven into intriguing narratives involving naked and half-clad women, commercial products, masks, patterns, animals, and popular art reproductions. The disparity of Jensen’s painting — in combination with her gestural mark-making and suggestive subject matter — is exactly the sort of thing that will make viewers either love it or recoil from it. In either case, Jensen displays fearlessness.

Read the full Mountain Xpress article: Porn salsa: Anna Jensen delivers a provocative mash up of art and imagery

To see the painting by Austrain artist Maria Lassnig that appears in Jensen work pictured above,
click here.

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