Monday, June 14, 2010

Leila Amiri at Harvest Records

Harvest Records in West Asheville is currently exhibiting the photography and mixed media artwork of Leila Amiri. The variety of media Amiri uses runs the risk of appearing discordant, but her strong aesthetic point of view makes for a handsome and cohesive show. In one, a geometric line drawing meanders over a series of washed out monochromatic photos. In another, elaborate ink doodles that appear as embroidery, are rendered onto old linens. There are framed composites of twisted and braided hair, and small photographs (daguerreotypes?) that capture ghostly movements. Everything looks like it could have been found in an old attic, if it wasn't for the the contemporary details Amiri deftly applies to it all.
You can visit some of Amiri's work online at
but you must visit Harvest Records to see this exhibit.
located at 415 Haywood Road (828) 258-2999

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