Monday, July 20, 2009

I heart Eric Legge

You may have seen folk artist Eric Legge strolling around town in his relaxed manner, usually wearing a smile -- sometimes a flower stuck behind his ear (or maybe I'm just imagining that.) Legge is one of the kindest and most sincere people I've ever met, and this is reflected in his artwork. Currently he has work hanging at Izzy's Coffee Den until the end of the month but you can also visit his work further down Lexington Street at Atelier where he has a booth displaying his wares.

The show at Izzy's is a collection of various themes - my favorite are his hearts carved out of wood - love rays shining out from them, painted simply or not painted at all. They are small in size but large in spirit, and like Legge contain no pretense.
Other work by Legge reveals a more spirited aspect of his personality. Brightly painted faces overlap frenzied color swatches and hurried lines. Birds, smiles, landscapes, hearts and flowers infuse his work and often he incorporates found objects to create more sculptural and three dimensional effects. According to an interview with Gary Carden, Legge says his work is about "freedom and joy. And maybe wonder."

Read the entire interview here.
visit for more photos.


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