Saturday, May 16, 2009

Celia Gray



These two encaustic paintings were created by Celia Gray, but this Asheville artist is well-versed in other craft disciplines such as blacksmithing, fiber arts, and metal-smithing. A two year student of Penland School of Crafts, Gray's work combines traditional methods with contemporary aesthetics.
Look for Gray's belt buckles and jewelry at
The Big Crafty on July 12 and her encaustic paintings at Blue Spiral 1 next fall.
To watch an episode of Art Seen Asheville that was made in 2007 about Celia Gray visit
this link. The video showcases her diverse talents as well as sculptural pieces she was working on at that time. to see more of the artist's encaustic paintings.

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Sweet Mess said...

Celia is such an amazing, multi-talented artist.