Saturday, March 21, 2009

Circus! Circus!!!

The Runaway Circus is back!!!
Join them at Pritchard Park at 12:30 on Sunday March 22 for a parade to the Riverside Studios, where the circus will commence@3:30. I went to one of these circuses a couple of years ago, and I can't impress upon you enough how completely entertaining, enthralling, energetic and awesome the show was. My friend Sayde blew everyone's minds with her glorious trapeze act, and the tumblers, jugglers and musicians were fabulous and funny. I love performances like this that are derived on a shoestring budget, so uber creative measures are taken to achieve the spectacle we have come to expect of circuses. The performers take their art seriously - many of them have even attended circus school. This year's theme is "sunken ship in the frenchbroad river." The event is kid-friendly and does not use animals. Suggested donation is $5, but I encourage you to give generously. They should get a grant for this stuff. For fun pics visit


DM said...

I posted some pics of last night's show at my family website. Thanks for the heads up! Great show!

Ursula said...

Thanks for posting pictures! This may be all I get to see of the circus since it was SOLD OUT today which is great for them and sad for me. I hope they consider another run in the near future.