Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Becca Johnson

"Heart Stain" oil on canvas 2008

"Barnyard Freakshow" graphite on paper 2008

A graduate from the BFA program at Western Carolina University, Becca Johnson is an oil painter, drawer, book binder, sculptor and installation artist. Memories, found objects, stories and gestures imbibe her energetic work which appear to be born of a deeply personal and honored place.

"Sleeperhold's Cleft Lip"

i think that the common thread in all of my work embodies this contradiction: the heavy sweetness of living. the inability to ever find something entirely wonderful, or entirely terrible. there is always weight, and there is always buoyancy.

Johnson occasionally curates artist shows in downtown Asheville. You can see more of her work at
Visit her Etsy shop to see samples of her hand bound books.
She will be exhibiting work at Bobo Gallery in the upcoming year.

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Sweet Mess said...

Becca Johnson is the greatest, isn't she???