Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley

"The Arrival" watercolor on paper

Kamala Dolphin Kingsley's organic,kitsch, Art Nouveau-inspired watercolor paintings have never failed to amaze me with their offbeat subject matter and attention to detail. She depicts creatures and fauna in a way that is gorgeous and quirky while appearing both antiquated and contemporary.
In addition to selling her original paintings, Kingsley offers prints of varying sizes so that even the brokest of us can afford to hang her magic in our homes.
Here is a play by play description of how creates her paintings:

"I begin with reference images and initial, pretty bad hand sketches

...after I figure out the general layout I want, I paste all the different things together in Photoshop to make the final sketch.

Yeah, I'm a cheater.

I blow the photoshop sketch up to 22x28 (the full size of the final painting), tape it to the back of the watercolor painting, and trace it onto the paper.

I work on it in pencil until I like it, then start on the sepia (watercolor & acrylic) wash, and then start on the colors, and add many layers of colors until I get it where I want it.

I like the interaction of light & dark, good and bad, innocence and complication, humour & gravity, and the reality of the natural world & the human need to idealize it. Oh yeah, and I really like glitter.
And see more Fine art on Flickr

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awesome-ness! love the process shots..