Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chris Sedgwick

Influenced by Odd Nerdrum and Carravagio , Chris Sedgwick creates mystical realist oil paintings based off of photographs he's taken of himself and friends.

There is a sublime timeless quality to the work -- the wardrobe of the characters being particularly fascinating as it appears both futuristic and medieval. The same can be said for the stories that are occurring in the paintings.

A native of Florida, Sedgwick holds a BFA from Florida State University and currently lives in West Asheville.

You can view Sedgwick's work in person at Gallery Minerva in downtown Asheville.
or online at

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Ursula said...

One more thought: I'm really hoping that one day Chris will design a fashion line inspired by his paintings..I know I'd love to wear one of those cloaks. with a pair of Sauconys and knee socks...topped off with some gold accessories and one of those hats...tres chic!